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Interview: Hilltop Hoods

Interview: Hilltop Hoods

What were your impressions after your first round of the concerts in Australia?

Hilltop Hoods: The tour we recently completed in Australia was our biggest to date. We had a LOT of fun tearing the roofs off of the Arena's we played!

We are looking forward to your second concert in Poland! What do you associate Poland with and have you previously familiarized yourself with the polish rap scene?

Hilltop Hoods: We don't know a great deal about the Polish rap scene, but judging by our last show in Warsaw it seems like you have a very healthy Hip Hop scene.

You have worked with artists such as SIA or Brother Ali, how did this cooperation happen? Did it happen naturally? Did you meet them at the concert? Do you keep in touch? Or did you just say that it would be nice to have those artists on the album.

Hilltop Hooda: SIA hit us up, which is how 'I Love It' came to be. She was super busy at the time so she recorded that in LA and sent us the files and we mixed it at home.

With Brother Ali, we spent the day in writing with him in the Red Bull recording studio in New York. When we collaborate with other artists we try to make the process as organic as possible... but it's not always possible with schedules/location etc.

The type of music you make seems to be more of an old school type of rap. Don't you feel like you are restricting yourself by not following the trends?

Hilltop Hoods: No, not really. I think being ourselves is probably our greatest asset. We've been doing this for a while so I think we've developed a sound of our own which our listeners have come to expect.

Do you listen to young rappers? If so, is there any Freshman that caught your attention?

Hilltop Hoods: Yeah, we all listen to a lot of new music when we get a chance. My ears have been ringing from all the shows we've been doing recently though so I've been trying to give them a rest by listening to podcasts when we're not on stage.

You have been quite active in the stage of the biggest growth of rap in Europe and the world. How do you evaluate the current state of rap from your perspective and if you were to change something, what would it be like?

Hilltop Hoods: I think the current state of rap in our country, and abroad, is in a super healthy state. Listeners have more access to music than ever before which in turn makes Hip Hop more diversified than ever before which is a great thing in my opinion.

What does the Golden era Records focus on when recruiting young artists?

Hilltop Hoods: Due to our busy recording/touring schedules we collectively decided to step away from Golden Era Records. We gifted it to Ben Martin, the Operations Manager of the label so running as a label and doing well.

What piece of advice would you give to new rappers starting their rap adventure?

Hilltop Hoods: The one piece of advice I would give to new rappers starting out is to be persistent, keep working hard and don't rest on your laurels when things start going well. It took us a long time before we got to the stage where we could make a living from it.

We have tried to find drama or controversial things connected to you and it turns out that you are really non-problematic people. Do you have any recipe for this?

Hilltop Hoods: Haha. I guess being humble is probably a simple recipe for this. We don't treat music like a competition which probably helps as well.

Would you like to say anything to the Polish fans?

Hilltop Hoods: Come down enjoy the show

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