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Wsparcie dla Centrum Kultury w Wiesbaden

Wsparcie dla Centrum Kultury w Wiesbaden

Autor: seba

Oświadczenie takiej treści dostaliśmy od organizatorów festiwalu graffiti w Wiesbaden. O problemach z władzami pisaliśmy już wcześniej. Możecie przeczytać wywiad oraz oświadczenie organizatorów dotyczące odwołania festiwalu w Berlinie.

Spread the word! Support our demand for the Culture-Park at Schlachthof Wiesbaden!

The Schlachthof Wiesbaden used to be a unique place of uncommercial youth-culture and joins due to the "Int WallStreetMeeting" europe- and worldwide reputation.

At the beginning of the 90's it was just a hang-out for young people while in the following years the subculture of the Rhine-Main-Area was established.

The cultural centre of these facilities had a hard struggle with the city-counsil for a long-term perspective, and now it enjoys an existence garanty until the year 2013.

The other buildings of the area were left up to their decay. In the mid 90´s the city made plans to tear down the buildings surrounding the cultural centre instead of recultivating them. The reason for the demolition: The buildings block the downtown air-flow. "An aisle of fresh air with an important climatic function for the town" shall be created. The medium-term planning: creation of chargeable parking lots, while park and gardens are planned on a long-term basis. Nowadays this "important climatic function" relating to the "Schlachthof" grounds has a high "official" significance. In the latest past plans got public to build huge office-buildings.

In autumn of 2001 of group of young and commited people founded an association of interest that demands a Cultural-Park at this area. We wrote a precise concept thats presently under politcal discussion. This concept contains an aerodynamical graffiti-gallery, playground for children, a theatre-tower, barbeque-area, skating-area, a creative-factory and much more. After two demonstrations, many appointments, discussions and troubles the city-counsil will find a decision at 7th of november about the future of this area. One fact that can't be fogotten in this discussion: Beside of the Schlachthof, the city of Wiesbaden has nothing to offer towards the interest of young people.

To show all officials and politicians that the Schlachthof-Area joins huge reputation and significance, once again we ask for your support. Please write your point of view in the "Forum" of www.Wiesbaden.de Kulturpark, or write an E-mail to the local newspaper wk-leser@main-rheiner.de.

The concept of our association can be found at www.Kulturpark-Wiesbaden.de.

Thank you for your support and don't forget: the future is in our hands, we just have to take care of it.

Peace and respect.

Informacje o artykule
Data dodania:2002-10-29
Dział / Kategoria: graffiti / informacja, biografia
Średnia ocena:10.00 (1)
Oceń artykuł: Aby ocenić artykuł musisz się zalogować
seba, 38 lat
mężczyzna, Szczecin

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