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"I LOVE Poland" - Torae interview

"I LOVE Poland" - Torae interview


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How did the All Praises Due EP come together? Was it a spontaneous thing or were you working on it for a long time?

Torae: One day I was going through beats I had on my computer cause I was in the mood to write. After selecting about 5 that were produced by Praise I hit him to check if they were all available. He said all but one were open and so it began.

Tell us more about Praise, the producer of all songs on the EP.

Torae: He's a dope producer and cool guy, I can't tell you much more because we've never met in person but you can check him out at @beatsbypraise

Was this a digital only project or is there physical copies available also?

Torae: Physical copies soon come. Digital is easiest to set it off with, but I know my audience appreciates CDs and vinyl so I always try to deliver those as well.

You come from Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY. There is also a very good freestyler and rapper named Nems from the same place. DO you have any future plans on doing a project with him or anyone else from Coney Island?

Torae: Nems is my homie from way back. Dope MC indeed, we have some more work to do for sure.

In 2008 you released the groundbreaking "Daily Conversation" project. How do you remember this period of your career compared to today?

Torae: In that period I had no career, just a dream to make it out of the projects alive and create some dope music.

Can you tell us how your collaborations with DJ Premier and Pete Rock came about?

Torae: Preem and I had some mutual friends so he was aware of the music I was making with my group The Co. back in like 2006, 2007. Once he came out to see us perform he decided he wanted to work with me. Pete Rock had been hearing records of mine, but once "Get it Done" dropped he said he wanted to work on some music. We actually met at the radio station for the 1st time. I introduced myself to Pete and he was like "Get it Done Torae?, we gotta work"

You have recorded music with Sean Price (R.I.P!) Several times. What was it like working with him?

Torae: Working with Sean was amazing, but being his friend was even better. Such an amazing dude, I miss his presence daily.

With which rappers and producers have you not worked with that you would like to work with in the future?

Torae: So many dope talents out there. I have an APB out on Just Blaze, I wanna work with Q Tip, Erick Sermon, Dr Dre, Kendrick, Redman, Method Man. There's a lot.

You have visited Poland several times, how do you like the atmosphere at the concerts, as well as the country itself? Are you coming back anytime soon?

Torae: I LOVE Poland, they embraced me early in my career. The Returners, O.S.T.R., Luxon and many more. I can't wait to get back. Hopefully soon.

How did you get acquainted with The Returners?

Torae: I think they reached out to me over MySpace or maybe they saw me perform when I toured with EMC. Great guys.

In addition to The Returners, you have also recorded music with Luxon and O.S.T.R. Do you have other projects with rappers and producers from other countries?

Torae: I've done some features with artists from around the world, no full projects though.

We hear you on radio shows, see you on TV, film, and you also regularly record projects. How do you find the time to balance everything?

Torae: I had to start Godly.

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